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Can you get by anyway?

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Once there was a man who searched for love. But he was too young and too immature to know when it presented an opportunity. so he went  through life ashamed of who he was and what he had not yet achieved.

One day while on his journey of self discovery, this man met a woman. They get to know each other and they fell in love. But the man had not been honest from the start. He misrepresented his accomplishments. He said he had status he did not possess. He played the game that he would regret playing. After some time, he got close to the woman. They actually formed a tight bong, but it was built on weak and shifting sand. The foundation was soft because at first, he told her what she wanted to hear so he could get what he wanted.

Eventually, the castle of their relationship that had been built over time came to a crashing disastrous ending. The man thought he was safe and protected from the elements having invested so much time and love. But he did not realize about the castle he had built is that she did not live there with him.

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