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A Crippled baby

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After 20 years of childless marriage, the couple’s joy knew no bounds when they learned that a baby was on the way. But on the day of the delivery the doctor’s heart ached to see that the infant had only a tiny stump on a left arm. He steeled himself to tell the father and offered to break the news to the mother, “No”, said the father sturdily, “I want to tell her myself.”

Together they placed the swathed baby by the mother’s side. She admired the soft silky skin, traced the hairline with her fingers and looked proudly at her husband, “She’s perfect isn’t she?”

Something in her husband’s eyes warmed her. Slowly she removed the blankets and saw the crippled ar. The room was very quiet. Then she turned again to her husband and said softly, “John,the lord knew just where to send this baby, didn’t he? He understood how much we needed her and how much she needs us.

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