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Cruelty to animals

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A little boy ran into the house in near hysteria, announcing that his pet turtle had rolled over and died. he was inconsolable. Mother and Dad gathers round the tearful boy, hugged him and let him cry his yes out. They promised they would have a funeral for the turtle. Daddy would bury him in the little tin box they kept the candy in. By this time the boy was listening intently. “Then,”chimed in the mother, “We can have a party afterwards. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

By this time the boy was smiling. Encouraged, the father went on, “Yes and we’ll have balloons and everything.”

As the boy was grinning from ear to ear, suddenly and to the surprise of them all, the turtle rolled back onto his legs and began slowly moving away. The boy looked startled and then exclaimed, “Oh daddy-let’s kill it!”

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