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The partiotics

In World War II, a General called his regiment. He wanted to send some men on a dangerous assignment. He ordered, “Those who want to go on the dangerous task, move 2 places forward”.

Suddenly a wireless message came. When the General came back, he saw everybody standing in a row. He called them coward and unpatriotic.

In his fury, he had forgotten to notice that the whole regiment had moved 2 placed forward.


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A man accompanied by a small boy enters a barbershop and asks for a haircut. The man says, “I might just pop next door for a beer while you cut the kid’s hair.” The barber gives the boy a haircut, and then-after waiting a quite some time for the man to return-turns to the kid and asks, “Where on earth has your father gone to?”

“That’s not my father,” says the boy. “He’s just some guy who stopped me in the street and asked if I’d like a free haircut.”