The Miracle Is Within You

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Four minutes a mile

Till 1953, many experts thought that running a mile in four minutes was physically impossible. So, no athlete ever tried to run that fast. But Britain’s roger Bannister had internal conditioning that kept him from tripping over the so called evidence. He was determined to see for himself. In 1954, with a time of 3.59 minute. Bannister broke more than a world record. He broke the mind sets conditioned with self limiting attitudes. Now athletes record sub four minute miles regularly.

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Law of motion

The Law of Motion: Objects in motion stay in motion. Therefore, once we became effective, empowered, and confident, there is no going back the way we were. Just as once a mind is stretched by a thought, it cannot return to its original size.

Being even 1/1000th of a degree off course can mean the difference between ultimate success and ultimate failure.

If we assemble our dreams like a mosaic pattern of a jigsaw puzzle, we will see our future realized when the puzzle is complete.

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Just have fun!

Life goes by so fast and with such ferocity that if you don’t have fun every single day your life is wasted like dust in the wind. Five minutes a day dedicated to having fun can give life the spice it needs.

Children define their lives by the amount of fun they have. As we mature, we lose touch with the Fun. We forget what it’s like to be kids, and as a result, we harden to life’s wonders. Without fun, you cannot be motivated. Without fun, you cannot get inspired. Without fun, you cannot perform at your highest level of excellence.

So have a ball, have a bat, have a Frisbee for what it’s worth. But have fun. Live longer. Live happier and with more meaning. The Fun isn’t a novelty or luxury. It’s a necessity. Now go have some Fun!

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Strategies to follow when you feel like losing is the only path.

With all these strategies at work, you will never feel trapped, strapped, or at a loss for a more transformational way of being.

1. Know what you want. If your objective is unclear, then the process by which to achieve it becomes muddled. If this happens, your self confidence drops and your effectiveness can suffer. clearly identify your goals and keep them as your focus.

2. Sharpen and hone your skills. George Bernard Shaw once said in an interview with a fellow playwright, “I never met a student I didn’t like. I met once i couldn’t stand, but to know they are bettering their character impresses me to no end”. Never stop learning.

3. Creating something from nothing is incredibly inspiring. Not only to the creator, but to everyone who watches and observes. Dig deep within yourself and manifest the highest quality of inspiration you can muster.

4. Forget about the other players. Competitors, Adversaries, Opponents, Enemies are irrelevant to the relationship between you and your objective. Where they are and where you are is immaterial. All that matters is where you are and where you are going.

5. An old mantra of ancient martial arts and Zen Masters is, “Aim for the back of the head and settle for the nose.” Set your standards, your expectations, and demands placed upon yourself higher than you believe you can reasonably achieve.