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The Law of life

After potatoes have been harvested they have to be spread out and sorted out in order to get the maximum market dollar. They are divided according to size – big , medium and small. It is only after potatoes have been sorted and bagged that they are loaded on to trucks. This is the method that all potatoes farmers use.

But one farmer never bothered to sort the potatoes at all. Yet he seemed to be making most money. a puzzled neighbour finally asked him, “What is your secret?” He said, “Its simple I just loaded up the wagon with potatoes and take the roughest road to town. During the eight mile trip, the little potatoes always fall to the bottom. The medium potatoes land in the middle, while the big potatoes rise to the top.”

That is not only true with potatoes. It is Law of life. Big potatoes rise to the top on the rough roads and tough people rise to the top in rough times.


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Law of motion

The Law of Motion: Objects in motion stay in motion. Therefore, once we became effective, empowered, and confident, there is no going back the way we were. Just as once a mind is stretched by a thought, it cannot return to its original size.

Being even 1/1000th of a degree off course can mean the difference between ultimate success and ultimate failure.

If we assemble our dreams like a mosaic pattern of a jigsaw puzzle, we will see our future realized when the puzzle is complete.