The Miracle Is Within You

World's most Inspirational Incidents, Quotes and Short stories.

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A man accompanied by a small boy enters a barbershop and asks for a haircut. The man says, “I might just pop next door for a beer while you cut the kid’s hair.” The barber gives the boy a haircut, and then-after waiting a quite some time for the man to return-turns to the kid and asks, “Where on earth has your father gone to?”

“That’s not my father,” says the boy. “He’s just some guy who stopped me in the street and asked if I’d like a free haircut.”


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A young man in the village had been badly insulted and he hurried to his pastor to tell him about it, adding that he was going immediately to his offender and avenge his honour.

“Better go home, son, “said the pastor, kindly.

“But I’ve been insulted!”

“That’s exactly why you should go home at this time. An insult is like mud.”

“I know that and I’m going to clean it up.”

“Son, there is one thing you might as well learn now than later, Mud brushes off a lot more easily when it is dry.”